Ripristino di ecosistemi acquatici nelle aree protette di Alpi e Pirenei

Wetlands Seminar at #CafèPrismàtic

Aaron Pérez and Eulàlia Pladevall, representatives from the Biodiversity Research Institute (IRBio), along with researchers from the Life RESQUE ALPYR project, took center stage in this week’s Cafè Prismàtic.

Cafè Prismàtic serves as a virtual seminar platform where discussions, learning, and debates unfold on current topics concerning the management and planning of Catalonia’s natural heritage and biodiversity.

While we commonly use the term “wetlands” to refer to these ecosystems, they encompass various hydrological typologies. When combined with their floristic composition, they give rise to numerous habitats of community interest, such as peat bogs and petrifying springs.

These aquatic ecosystems harbor a unique and rare composition of species, with few populations in the Pyrenees. Many plant species found in wetlands are listed in Catalonia’s Threatened Flora Decree.

Throughout the seminar, the researchers delve into the primary threats faced by these ecosystems. They also discuss how various research projects, studies, and actions are being undertaken to enhance the conservation status of wetlands.

What is Prismàtic?

Prismàtic is an open-access knowledge platform designed to assist in decision-making during the planning and management of natural heritage and biodiversity.

Prismàtic is a digital space that gathers cutting-edge knowledge about natural heritage and biodiversity generated by research centers and other entities. The knowledge is presented in summaries that convey scientific results in a language accessible to managers and planners.