Ripristino di ecosistemi acquatici nelle aree protette di Alpi e Pirenei

Networking days in austria with the FishME project

Between the 23rd and 31st August 2022, Rocco Tiberti from the University of Pavia and technical coordinator of the project LIFE RESQUE ALPYR and Lucia Bello (MSc student, University of Pavia), joined the field crew engaged in the research activities of the FishME project.

The main objective of the networking activities was to harmonize the sampling methods of lakes between the two alpine areas. The mobility period represented a perfect occasion to share the mutual experiences about the ecological monitoring of mountain lakes and the techniques for sampling and eradicating alien fish (i.e., electrofishing, gillnetting, fyke-netting).

The mobility period was the occasion to plan future collaborations as well as to take some urgent actions. As a result of this joint activity, the staff of the FishME project will undertake an experimental alien fish eradication action in a small lake of the Austrian Alps.