Ripristino di ecosistemi acquatici nelle aree protette di Alpi e Pirenei

We have published the second brochure of the project

A characteristic feature of high mountains, especially in areas composed of granite or slate, is the abundance and diversity of surface waters. This richness is a result of high precipitation, the low permeability of the rocks, and glacial terrain. As a result, there is an abundance of springs and other water sources, such as streams, ponds, and wetlands.

In flat areas, water flows through tortuous streams or forms small ponds, saturating the soil along the riverbanks. This creates a high mountain wetland environment known as a mire.

In this second publication, we elaborate the characteristics of these ecosystems and their significance. Furthermore, we delve into the primary threats they encounter and outline the key conservation efforts undertaken by the project.

The brochure is available on the project’s website and also at the tourist offices of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park and the Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici National Park, in Catalonia, and of the Mont Avic Natural Park and the Gran Paradiso National Park, in Italy.