Ripristino di ecosistemi acquatici nelle aree protette di Alpi e Pirenei

We have just published the first newsletter of the project

The LIFE RESQUE ALPYR project aims to restore and improve the conservation of high mountain aquatic habitats, focusing mainly on ponds, alpine and subalpine meadows, peat bogs and carbonated springs. The project is a continuation of two previous LIFE projects, the LIFE LIMNOPIRINEUS in the Pyrenees and the LIFE BIOAQUAE in the Alps.

Among the target species to be protected are amphibians such as the red frog, the totil and the Pyrenean newt, which is a Pyrenean endemic, the muskrat, an aquatic mammal endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, and seven insectivorous bats threatened by anthropogenic pressure in the two study areas between which we can find the forest bat, the long-nosed bat and the alpine long-eared bat.

With this issue we start a series of annual digital publications that have as main objective to publicize the project progress and share with all of you information from many interesting aspects of high mountain aquatic habitats characteristics of the Pyrenees and the Alps and their conservation status.

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